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Goodvibes Nature Trail®

Goodvibes Nature Trail® - The Goodvibes Trail® reinvents the hiking trail!

The Goodvibes Trail® sculpts the mountains with nature trails: sensory-filled adventures composed of interactive artistic creations that amaze, allowing the general public to feel, play, contemplate, and meditate.
A new solution for walks through the forest, hikes to a mountain hut as a family, or playing in winter at artistic Nordic areas. If you take seriously what the mountains have to offer, this trail transforms into a genuine voyage.
  • Start date: summer 2015
  • Design and R&D location: France - ISERE - Chartreuse - Saint Aupre

[ Advantages ]

  • Economic benefits : increase the number of visitors, attract new customers, positioning as an experiential destination, high value add for image, positive economy, invest in slow tourism
  • Environmental impact : well-integrated into landscape, comprehensive eco-design approach., a non-mechanized, artistic, and sustainable approach to the environment
  • Social impact : create infrastructure for local residents, highlight local cultural sites, create a new offer for the general public to explore nature

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