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Four-season MTB Trails

Four-season MTB Trails - MTB trails for families, rideable 365 days per year at ski areas.

Four-season MTB trails are fun-filled trails design specifically for mountain bikers of all levels. Their use is independent of lift and winter operations: they can be used for regular mountain biking when there is no snow, or with fatbikes/snowshoes in winter.
Bike Solutions value add:
- safety,
- seamless integration into the surrounding landscape,
- added-value by serving a wide range of users, including young kids and seniors.
  • Start date: summer 2015
  • Design and R&D location: Grenoble

[ Advantages ]

  • Economic benefits : increase perceived value and customer satisfaction, increase the number of visitors, attract new customers
  • Environmental impact : well-integrated into landscape
  • Social impact : maintain existing jobs, use local subcontractors, highlight local cultural sites

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